21 March 2019 update

Dig Progress

Route1 Trunk is now all dug in!! The remaining road crossing at the old school field on Hesley Lane is expected to be in April.  The B4RN civils team laid the base for the distribution cabinet (green box) and dig in its power connection from the Reading Room.  Once the cabinet base is in place B4RN will be able to install the cabinet itself. Digging will continue over the coming weeks to fill out the Route 1 spurs to Rome / Swaw Beck / Swainstead / Old Sawmill / Hesley Lane (Gawthorpe House-The Grange) and the central Rathmell ‘head-ends’.

Voucher Scheme

B4RN are still waiting to hear from DCMS regarding the Voucher Scheme application for the area, B4RN have a number of applications in progress and have been in contact with DCMS to prioritise our area application.  Once the application is approved I will be able to send you a link to B4RN’s online form where you will be able to register to get a connection under the voucher scheme.  I’ll send more details on this at the time.

House Kits / Garden Digs

I am going to be collecting a batch of house kits from B4RN during next week and so we will soon be in a position to provide them to those who have asked for them so far.  If the voucher scheme is approved I am told there should be an allowance per property being connected under the voucher scheme to be put towards the house kit install and/or garden dig costs.  I don’t have full details on this yet but I will provide more info as soon as I have it.