First homes and businesses in Rathmell are now live on B4RN’s broadband internet !

A few days ahead of schedule, the first people living and working along Route 1 in Rathmell and Giggleswick now have live broadband!

It’s a fantastic achievement and a very exciting milestone, but it’s just the first step, and there’s lots still to do to.

Most importantly, we need to invest to get the rest of Rathmell and Wigglesworth connected.

Find out more about investing

Next… more digging

The next phase of the plan is to continue digging our village network of ducting, out from the cabinet at the Reading Room to the rest of the centre of Rathmell, to Gooselands, and on in the direction of Wigglesworth – initially as far as Cappleside. To cover materials and manpower costs to get us as far as Cappleside, we estimate that we all need to invest between £30,000 and £50,000. A gentle note to those of us about to go live on Route 1, that many other neighbours invested to get us this far… our connections are thanks to them, and their connections depend on us.

If your house or workplace is at an earlier stage of the networking process, but B4RN’s orange ducting has reached the edge of your property, now is a good time to get everything else ready.

You’ll want to have the orange ducting dug in from the edge of your garden/land to the wall where the cable will enter your building. You also need to have received and fitted your house kit (white wall plate, grey box and ducting) to the wall where you want the B4RN router. If you can’t do it yourself, we have volunteers on hand to help; if you’d like to volunteer, please do!

Not sure? To check if you’re on Route 1, please contact us.

If you’re a Rathmell / Wigglesworth resident or business, and you too would like fast broadband:

This is a great help to us and to B4RN… especially if your postcode happens to be eligible for one of the government’s vouchers! If you’ve filled out B4RN’s form and have any doubts or questions, or had a problem with the process, please let us know.

Summary of progress

  • May 2019: fibre is being blown in Route 1 and to any houses with their ducting dug in and house kit installed. Splicing starts in a week or two. DCMS voucher scheme no longer looks quite as hopeful as it did, so we’re returning to community investment to fund the continuation of our project.
  • April 2019: trunk route all dug in, all road crossings except one done, green cabinet installed at the Reading Room!
  • March 2019: the trunk route between the existing network at Eldroth and Rathmell Reading Room (where our B4RN cabinet will be) is getting very close to completion.
  • January 2019: our main trunk route reached 70% complete (5.3km dug of a total 7.4km route).
  • Late 2018: dig progress had slowed slightly, but Steve Foster joined as new contractor, and things picked up considerably.
  • May 2018we met our initial investment target for B4RN, so on the 16th May, we held a dig training meeting for our own farmers / landowners. Digging started shortly afterwards.
  • March 2018: investment opened for our project.
  • January 2018: after we’d had cost estimates from BT and B4RN, and assessed other possible solutions, the community decided we’d go ahead with B4RN. Roger got wayleaves from landowners for the first route to connect us to LEWFA.
  • August 2017: several months of discussion and planning by a smaller group of keen residents in Rathmell and Wigglesworth led our first public meeting to gauge interest in a community project to bring fast broadband to our villages… and it was very well-attended.

recent months’ progress: