We are a group of Rathmell and Wigglesworth residents working to bring B4RN‘s fast broadband internet to our villages.

October 2018 update

Digging got well underway over the summer, and now we’re looking for more contractors to work on the project.

Summary of progress

  • May 2018we met our initial investment target for B4RN, so on the 16th May, we held a dig training meeting for our own farmers / landowners. Digging started shortly afterwards.
  • March 2018: investment opened for our project.
  • January 2018: after we’d had cost estimates from BT and B4RN, and assessed other possible solutions, the community decided we’d go ahead with B4RN. Roger got wayleaves from landowners for the first route to connect us to LEWFA.
  • August 2017: several months of discussion and planning by a smaller group of keen residents in Rathmell and Wigglesworth led our first public meeting to gauge interest in a community project to bring fast broadband to our villages… and it was very well-attended.

If you’re a fellow resident or local business and would like faster internet, please fill out our form to express your interest if you haven’t already done so.