Route 4 gets the go-ahead

B4RN have given the green light to begin work on the start of Route 4, which will serve Gooselands, Butterfield House, Butterfield Barn, Lynfield, Millgate, South View, Field House, Layhead Farm Cottages, Cappleside, Far Cappleside, Brocklands, Lapwing Barn & Cappleside Cottages

This will take us as far as the point at which this route then forks with one branch heading towards Wigglesworth and the other towards Tosside.

We expect the contractor to be available somewhere around the w/c 6th January, weather permitting, and we are probably looking at about 2-3 weeks worth of digging. 

This also ups the ante on getting garden digs done and house kits installed as we could be ready for fibre blowing in about a month from now!

This is one area where the government GBVS voucher scheme has really worked for us and this phase looks like it will be completely covered by vouchers.  We have had a 74% take up from the residents on this section so this has really helped push this ahead.

We will continue to push to get the other routes to the same point and fill in anywhere that has been missed along the way.

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