Investment Update – May 2019

B4RN is now expected to be going live in parts of Rathmell by the end of June.

As you will remember our initial investment target was for us to be able to start the dig on Route 1.

We have raised £65k so far and that money has now been spent in bringing Route 1 to its current state, under budget.

Unfortunately the Government voucher scheme isn’t going to give us anything like the remaining amount for the rest of the work.

We need to raise approximately another £30-50k to complete our Phase 1 area which includes Route 1 (almost complete), the rest of central Rathmell, and the initial part of the route to Wigglesworth/Tosside as far as Cappleside. The exact amount we need will depend on how many vouchers are successfully applied for and our future digging costs.

To make an investment download a form from here…pdf

The B4RN share prospectus is downloadable from here

The majority of the investment so far has come from people who are going to have to wait for more money to be raised before they can get connected.  It would be great if those who will shortly be able to go live on B4RN who would like to invest could return the favour and help us raise the funds needed to complete Phase 1.

We would also welcome any additional investment that existing investors could contribute.

Gooselands Voucher applications

One of the postcodes that has been accepted by DCMS for both residential and business vouchers is BD24 0LT i.e. Gooselands in Rathmell.  B4RN have asked for as many BD24 0LT residents as possible to register now on as this will help both to lower costs and release more money back into the project.  This should also mean that we would be able to get Gooselands properties dug and connected sooner rather than later.